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dinesh lutchman Posted On 25-Feb-2019

plz can u tel me y we are repeatedily watching the same things fir the past 2 yrs now ..we are paying to watch repeats...its reali not fair...u need to do sumthing as we are paying so much n yet if we pay late u guys disconnect us immediately...im not happi to pay to watch the same stuff ove n over again ..my no is 0846304419

Suresh Posted On 21-May-2018

What is wrong with zee TV today 20 may 2018 while watching Did Maduro episode then after an advert its show last week episode. This is not acceptable we pay monthly and expect to see correct shows

Lisa Posted On 03-Apr-2018

Hi is it possible for zee tv to start showing True Love from where glow has stopped.

Rashida Fakie Posted On 01-Apr-2018

It would be appreciated if Zee Tv could provide MultiChoice with correct program information for Saturdays and Sundays as it currently provides the weekday schedule. Thanking you.

Salim Posted On 06-Feb-2018

Zee tv please sort out subtitles for bahbiji ghar par ha . Nothing for 2 days. Also sent you guys email for bigger subtitles and in different color so we can see clearly. U guys did nothing about it. Not worth having ur channel. Considering to discontinue the Indian channel. It’s seems that u guys don’t care . So long as u guys are coining it.

Roshnee Posted On 16-Jan-2018

Hi, can Zeetv, show more of the actual episode of a soapie than showing 5-7minutes of music after a episode, and 15-20 minutes of adverts wirh only 10minutes of the actual show that one is watching. Its is very annoying that advert screens at 920pm and the next advert at 923 which is 4minutes long. Kindly re-look at how much adverts and song time you screen vs an actual episode of a series that supposed to be 30minutes in total. Absolutely bad viewing to watch repeated adverts every 3 minutes!

Mrs Maharaj Posted On 30-Apr-2017

Can Zee tv pls tell me what happened to the serial Aadhe Adhore.It has suddenly dissapeared on Friday evening.We are sick of Zee tv just chopping and changing times of serials without proper notice

Rashida Fakie Posted On 23-Oct-2016

It would be appreciated if Zee TV could provide Multichoice/DSTV with proper program information as I am unable to preset my PVR recorder to record the Dilwale Diwali Jamai Raja program of 23 October 2016 at 18.30.The zeetelevisionafrica.co.za website is NOT WORKING to furnish me with the relevant program information. Thanking you Regards

Shirazia Mudalay Posted On 08-Dec-2015

Not happy with the new timing of "Ek tha raja Ek thi rani" which is aired at 20:00. It is clashing with a serial I watch on star plus at the same time. Please move it to 19:30 and move "Kaala Teeka" to 20:00.

David Leibowitz Posted On 02-Nov-2015

Is ZEE TV looking for a voice over artists for dubbing ?

PELECIA NAIDOO Posted On 21-Oct-2015

Please could you help I would be interested to know your rates on advertising on Zee TV South Africa Kind Regards Pelecia Naidoo

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