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4 Albury Road Dunkeld Crescent South West Blocks Dunkeld West Ext 8 Sandton , Rosebank , Johannesburg




South Africa

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Today in 1966 Prime Minister Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd was assassinated in parliament by a messenger. Verwoe...View more

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On 20 June 1810 Gardiner went to sea as a volunteer and served as midshipman. In August 1814 he was sent to England as acting lieutenant. Long before this his attention had been mostly directed to devote his life to the work of a missionary pioneer. In 1834 he went to Africa and started the first missionary station at Port Natal. From 1834 to 1838 he tried to establish Christian churches in Zululand, but war prevented any permanent success. From 1838 to 1843 he laboured among the Indians in Chile. On 23 September 1845 he left England for Bolivia in the company of Spanish Protestant Federico Gonzales, from whom he learnt Spanish. In Bolivia he distributed Bibles to the Indian population with much opposition from the Roman Catholics. In 1848 he surveyed Tierra del Fuego with a view to a mission. He sailed again from Liverpool in September 1850, and was landed at Picton Island. He had with him provisions to last for six months but much of this apparently stolen. When supplies failed to arrive the unfortunate men gradually died of starvation. Gardiner, himself the last survivor, died, it is believed, 6 September 1851. It was Gardiner who named the city of Durban after former Cape governor Sir Benjamin D’Urban.


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kwanza Posted On 27-Oct-2017

i would like to come there and promote my music based on the township life & what most of us dont see in the hood i'll be bringing something different from other hip hop artists in the music industry

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