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South Africa

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tonii brand spares, best quality, widest range, lowest price of imported auto spares.

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Oliver Shapaka Posted On 12-Apr-2018

Dear Sir/madam I would like to be ordering vehicle parts and accessories from your company. May I know the requirements if ordering from Zambia. I would like to order the following items for a start: 1. brake pads(a)KBC (b)Deselra(c)G.Force 2.Filters: (a)Denkarmann(b)Acelle (c)Tora 3. Suspensions: (a) Denkarmann (b)Movo (c) Sacht. Looking forward to doing business with you. Oliver Shapaka

Innocent onovo Posted On 15-Mar-2016

P/s how do I make an order from Zimbabwe, Can you p/s send me the email for ordering

edmos saranavo Posted On 24-Jan-2016

hie do you deliver goods countrywide if i buy from you because i stay in Messina

maurice sinoya Posted On 09-May-2014

halo sir/Madam i would like to ask if possible to change your invoice colour because when we are processing our goods for the customs in our country they take those invoice their fake its totally different like Danny's,auto-zone,Gaydons invoice so will you able to change your sysytem please,am your customer from Malawi.MAURICE

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