Nandos Columbine Square in Suideroord, Johannesburg


82 Swartgoud Street, Columbine Street, , Suideroord , Johannesburg




South Africa

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The story of Nando’s starts hundreds of years ago with the first Portuguese explorers who set sail for the Eas...View more

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A few centuries later, in 1987, it was the same PERi-PERi sauce that inspired Fernando Duarte to invite his buddy Robbie Brozin to a small Portuguese eatery in Rosettenville, South Africa, to try some PERi-PERi marinated chicken. In his own words, "I knew nothing about the food business, I just knew that it was the best chicken I had ever tasted." It was an all-consuming love at first bite and the beginning of a passionate, fiery journey that changed the way people saw (and ate) chicken in South Africa. It’s a journey that continues in every Nando’s restaurant across the planet. Today, many years later, you can find Nando’s restaurants, our delicious, addictive sauces and our world-famous grocery range around the globe. Whether this is your first time touching the fire, or you're a regular guest, we’ll always be here to fire it up and welcome you with a serving of flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken!


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