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Multiweigh Technologies Unit 3, Perskor Park, 33 Richards Dr Midrand, 1685, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa , Johannesburg




South Africa

Contact Person:  
Alain Mangelsdorf
011 315 7004
011 315 7004


Description From inventory control, shipping and receiving, to order fulfilment, a Warehouse Management Syste...View more

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About us

There are many reasons why customers should choose to work with us. Our WMS software solutions are expertly developed and are as up to date as you can expect with such inventory control software in South Africa. Our client base spans many industries, in many countries, and as we continue to provide top services, we are expanding on the work that we do. It is not only our inventory management system but also our barcode inventory system for small businesses and our barcode inventory system for medium businesses that are helping more companies become even more efficient in the work that they do. Our software services provide a stock management system that is highly accurate and makes the day to day running of any warehouse as simple and efficient as possible. Our passion comes from years of experience and a desire to make inventory systems accessible to all warehouses. Our Mission Statement is to provide a quick, easy to deploy, affordable, and collaborative environment for effective inventory management solutions across the supply chain process to Africa. We started as a company specialising in weighing equipment and as did the IBM. Our Vision is to be the trusted advisor and supplier of choice for, supply chain management solutions in Africa. Multi-Weigh Warehouse Technologies will transform your warehouse into a customer service centre by giving you, real time stock accuracy and visibility, tighter control and efficiency, accurate first time deliveries, fewer customer returns, rapid deployment into any ERP, and a scalable solution that will keep pace with future growth.


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In addition, automated controls within the warehouse add substantial value in ensuring quality, accuracy, and traceability guaranteeing that you achieve a competitive advantage


Postal Address & PO Box No

PO Box No :
Multiweigh Technologies Unit 3, Perskor Park, 33 Richards Dr Midrand, 1685, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa


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