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Electricity is a great power source to make our daily lives better. Without it, we could not turn on our co...View more

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In South Africa, our most abundant source of energy is coal. Most of our coal is low quality with a low heat value and a high ash content. Eskom relies on coal fired power stations to produce approximately 90% of its electricity. Eskom uses over 90 million tons of coal per annum. Coal mining in South Africa is relatively cheap compared to the rest of the world. These low costs have had an important effect on the nation's prosperity and potential for development. The Eskom Research team has identified that the future of power engineering lies in the wisdom and experience of the engineers, technologists and technicians of today. We have therefore worked to create a sequence of volumes called the Eskom Power Series. Each volume of the Power Series has been written by teams of specialists and consultants who have been working within the utility environment for many years. This research programme ensures that the series is updated with the most current information and expertise available. Government has introduced a target for the introduction of renewable energy which equates a cumulative 10 000 GWh of energy by the year 2013. The target is based on achieving a large portion of the 10 000 GWh from solar water heating as it is the most cost effective and easiest renewable option to implement. Solar energy Energy Services have installed solar water heating pilots at a commercial building (consisting of 100 flats), a school for the disabled, and at an industrial client. These sites are utilized in an ongoing evaluation process to identify and quantify the achievable savings from the installation of solar water heating equipment. It is also utilized to quantify any effects on the customer's process. This data is currently being used to quantify the inclusion of solar water heating into the DSM Energy Efficiency program. There is also currently a research project underway to evaluate the potential energy savings and financial benefits of residential solar water heating. The technology is very successful in South Africa and Eskom is assisting the SABS to test a variety of different domestic solar hot water systems in order to determine which suppliers would be best suited in future solar installations.


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