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Bread Bin The


58 Maraisburg Rd, Bosmont, Randburg, , Bosmont , Johannesburg

  • Phone: 011 4749964

Description: We are wholesale distributors of a wide range of baking ingredients and other baking related products who supply to standard bakeries, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, home industries, guest houses, old age homes as well as to the general public. We supply specific needs through individually owned shops in Pretoria, East Rand, Trichardt, Nelspruit, and Cape Town and is supported by a centralized warehouse.


Bakers & Confectioners in Johannesburg, Biscuits Supplies in Johannesburg, cakes and savouries in Johannesburg, biscuit manufacturers in Johannesburg

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  • Colings Pal Martin
    Parippu Curry is the best to be had with curd rice or rasam rice , bcoz its the best side dish you can have for these variety of rices Parippu Curry is the best ou can have for these variety of rices.

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