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Fordsburg, JHB, GP 2033, Johannesburg, Gauteng , Johannesburg




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Accurate Reports was established by Tasneem Elkomey in August of 2008 to provide its service's throughout Sout...View more

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About us

Virtual Bookkeeping - we focus on how to get your "per week's" paperwork to Accurate Reports to store (all documents) relating to the bookkeeping of your business including your bank- and or credit card statement(s). The computer filing system is a great alternative to a physical filing system. This digital method is fast becoming the way to file and store all business documents. Here we focus on how Accurate Reports use a digital system to store (all documents) relating to the bookkeeping of your business including your bank- and or credit card statement(s). We back up our hard-drive everyday for operation purposes using a removable device such as a flash drive (keeping it in a separate location to our CWE). There are many online document storage providers. A reputable one we use is Dropbox. We will "send link file" your main folder whereby you can view and access your monthly ready, completely managed output - straight from your inbox. You're in safe hands! The computer filing system (on our hard-drive) contains folders – no doubt you’ve seen them already. Inside these folders, we open more folders, and inside those, more folders – so we can have several layers or tiers of folders all with their own names and within those folders we will store your documents ... specifically aimed at bookkeeping. Together, we are super organized! The computer filing system is based exactly on how your data is laid out in our bookkeeping program and makes it very easy to find any document you or ourselves may require really fast. So! Your off- and online computer filing system is always taken care of. What wills remain is for us to move your ‘documents’ into the folders after we have entered the necessary information into the systems software.


Products & Services

Accurate Reports has two main service areas We record all daily income and expense transactions so that you can keep an accurate record of the financial dealings of your ‘business’. These details are maintained regularly such as weekly or monthly. We prepare and produce interim reports as an analysis tool for you to quickly and easily determine the progress of your business. These are run at month's end throughout the life of our service's required by you. Additional service's Accounts Payable We can reconcile your * External AP documents to make sure no 'creditors' are missed or overpaid. You will always be able to see exactly how much you owe. Our Accounts Payable ledger is an excel spreadsheet into which we can list all your business purchases made on account. Accounts Receivable A ledger in Excel where we enter all your business sales invoices on account to keep track of who has paid, when they paid and which invoice they paid against, so you can see where things are at.




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